Do you allow pets? Yes, pets are welcome with an additional security deposit please call for more information.
Where did you get your name from? The name Flying Caballos is a collaboration of my love of horses and airplanes. The ranch originally encompassed the first dirt runway in San Luis County.
Are there outdoor amenities for entertaining? Yes, Flying Caballos property includes an expansive landscaped yard, with 2 outdoor restrooms, 2 outdoor showers, permanent gas torches encompassing the yard, large fire pit with seating, built in wood BBQ, antique lighting in the trees, and outdoor speakers wired for parties.
Are there any noise restrictions? Yes, even though Flying Caballos is a sprawling 100 acre ranch, noise travels. In consideration of our neighbors, we require any amplified music to be turned off by 10:00pm.
The use of subwoofers is not allowed. Bands must play acoustic without amplification. Guests must set up any additional.
What does the cleaning fee include? The fee is strictly for linens and basic cleaning detail. We require guests to clean up after themselves and dispose of trash in designated receptacles.
Is there smoking allowed on the property. No, and if we find cigarette butts on the property grounds, we forfeit 100% of your deposit. The only exception is a pre-approved outside smoking area.
Can I rent the entire property? Yes, the entire property includes accommodations for up to 24 overnight guests. Please call for more information.
Do you provide wood for the fire pit? Yes, we provide a designated amount of fire wood per night of your stay. If you would like additional wood, there is an additional charge, or you may bring your own.